Quick Guide: Digital Detox

Being constantly plugged-in can be exhausting and stressful. Worrying about capturing that perfect Instagram photo or replying to that email/text can also make you miss out on creating lasting memories and living in the moment. Sometimes you just need a break from the Internet and truly live IRL. Put down your smartphone and check out these 10 simple tips on doing a digital detox. 

1. Switch off your devices for set periods of time and fully focus on the physical world. Two good times to start with are meal times and bedtime.

2. Turn off push notifications and alerts on your smartphones and tablets so you have to decide when to go in to check emails and other messages rather than be constantly alerted and notified.

3.  Spend more time outdoors— on the beach, in the woods, in the park, in order to breathe fresh air and get away from the pull of the Internet. 

4. Give loved ones, friends and colleagues your full physical attention when they need it. No more phones buzzing in pockets or on your lap.

5. Edit down your social media. Leave online groups you never engage in, prune your Facebook friend list, stop following blogs, people and sites you never read. Unsubscribe from mailing lists.

6. Stop digital hoarding. Declutter your desktops, tidy files into folders and delete where necessary. Delete apps you never use. Clear your various inboxes, especially those overloaded with unread mails.

7. Visit your privacy settings on the different social media platforms you use, get more clued up and take control over who sees what and when in your social media life.

8. Practice not responding immediately to everything that comes to your attention; choose more consciously when to respond.

9. Cut down the number of hours you spend online and on different devices.

10. Think about what parts of your digital life you really value and love and resolve to enjoy those more mindfully. Make your digital realm the realm you want it to be.