New Year, New You: Your New Career is Around the Corner

Like many people across the globe, you’ve made new year resolutions. Lose weight, get a new job, save money. Unfortunately, it's about a month later and either you’re falling behind on your goal or given up altogether.

No worries, I’m not here to judge but rather give you some inspiration on the career front. The first two months of the year (January and February) is the best time to get hired.

For most companies, a new year starts a new budget cycle.

When companies have new budgets, they can add more people. Potentially, there are better opportunities on the horizon for you. So, don't give up hope!

My goal, as a Career Happiness Expert, is to help early to mid-career women achieve their dream careers filled with growth, happiness, and personal fulfillment.

Here’s my checklist to kick your job search into high gear to get what you want:

➢    Update your LinkedIn profile. If you don’t have a profile or you forgot your password, create a profile like right now or reset your password. LinkedIn is recruiter’s #1 tool to find candidates.

o   Quick tip: Use your headline to target the job position you want.

➢    Update your resume to allow any recruiter or HR professional to scan it and have an idea of who you are in 6-8 seconds. To be quite honest, employers only care what you can do for them.

o   Quick tip: Get rid of your objective statement and replace it with a professional summary. Instead of stating what you’re looking for, tell them how awesome you are for the job.

➢    Clean up your social footprint and reputation. You never know what’s out on the Internet about you.

o   Quick tip: Do a quick Google search of your name. Remove any questionable posts and pictures.

➢    Set up an automatic job search alert. Don’t spend hours applying to any and everything that interests you.

o   Quick tip: Go to and set and make your alert very specific – only include items that will return your dream job.

➢  Find industry networking events. Networking is the FASTEST way to new opportunities.

o   Quick tip: Use Eventbrite to find local events. Go out there and meet someone exciting. You never know you could meet your next supervisor, work friend, or bae.

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Bianca Jackson