5 Questions You Need To Ask At Your Next Interview

Going on an interview is about finding the next step in your career. You should use this time to find out if this company is the right fit for you. Here are five essential questions you should you ask to discover more about the company culture before mentally decorating your office.

1) What do you like best about working here?

The answer will tell you a lot about the company culture and the interviewer in general, which is important if your interviewer is also destined to become your future boss. If the things they name sound unappealing to you, this is probably not an organization you'll enjoy spending your 9-to-5. 

2) How would you describe your company culture in five words?

This question is helpful in learning what the company values. The five words your interviewer chooses will most likely showcase prevalent aspects of the company culture. 

3) What is the growth opportunity like for this position?

Asking about growth opportunity is both a good way to find out how much you can achieve, while also branding yourself as a forward-thinking candidate. If the interviewer is a little light on details for how you can grow in the position perhaps career growth isn't in the cards at this company. 

4) What are the qualities of your most successful employees?

This question will tell you the most important qualities you should possess in order to succeed in the company environment. For instance, maybe the ability to multi-task and thrive in a chaotic environment is essential. Or perhaps the ability to work as a team and communicate clearly is key. Listen carefully to these ideal qualities and consider what they reveal about the overall organization to see if you'd fit in. 

5) What's a common misconception about the company you would like to clear up?

Almost every company is the victim of common misconceptions, whether it's about the company itself, the larger industry, or a specific department. For instance, a startup company might seem like all fun and games from the outside, but this just covers up the long hours and high stress levels of employees. Don't let perks like free lunch or an office gym stop you from finding out what life is really like at the organization. Your interviewer's answer will tell you both how the outside world views the organization and also how the company views itself.