5 Simple Ways to Ace Your Next Interview

1. Cut out the jargon. 

Use language that is relatable and you'll make a much stronger impression.

2. Maintain great eye contact.

Hold the person's gaze, lean in, express yourself through your eyes and your posture.  Avoiding a person's gaze can make you look shifty, insecure and unemployable. 

3. Avoid the word "but."

Sentences sound worse when people inject the word "but." The problem with "but" is it's almost always succeeded by something negative. Instead of using the  word "but," try using the word "and." 

4. Be prepared for the trick question.

Usually the trick question is one of the most common ones: What is your biggest weakness? The interviewer wants to see how you handle being challenged. The best way to answer this question is to find a moment years ago when you made a mistake and then talk about how you rectified it.

5. Come with your own questions!

Don't be afraid to ask a few tough YET polite questions back to the interviewer. This shows you have confidence and you've done your homework By researching the Company.  Being direct with these questions shows you're sincerely interested in the position.

Therese Quiao