WCW: Meet Career Happiness Expert Bianca Jackson

I'm pretty sure that if Girl Boss were a term in the dictionary, Bianca Jackson's name would be next to it.  With a contagious smile and vibrant energy, Bianca exudes confidence and happiness in all elements of her life. Bianca started coaching women to help them find what makes them happy and realize their true career potential and worth. To help spread her gems of career wisdom, she presents at national and regional conferences and meetings around the country and offers valuable information on her website and social media channels. Over the course of her career, she has worked for three Fortune 500 companies, tripled her entry-level salary, earned six project management and leadership awards, and gained opportunities that allowed her to show off her stuff in front of C-level executives. Bianca is a certified project manager with a bachelor’s degree in information systems and master’s degree in business administration. Just Add Lipstick sat down with her to chat about her tips for Millennial women. 

Just Add Lipstick: What are the top 3 challenges millennials face when finding a job?

Bianca: The first challenge is waiting too late to start looking for a job. College students should start prepping in September before they graduate. You get most jobs through networking so you need to find someone who can get you connected with the right opportunities, which takes time to nurture. If you wait till May or June, you are now competing with the thousands of people who are trying to get a job at the same time. Another challenge is thinking that a resume alone can get them a job. You need to make sure your resume is targeted for the position you are applying for. The third challenge is not identifying what you want to do. Make it easier for people to see your skills and experience. 

Just Add Lipstick: Do you think cover letters are still relevant? 

Bianca: No! I think it's crazy that organizations still require this. All of the jobs I have every gotten were never because of a cover letter. 

Just Add Lipstick: What advice do you have for someone who is looking to change careers?

Bianca: The first thing you need to do is look at yourself and take stock on what makes you happy. Reflect on the things that you do for free and work on in the middle of the night. Find what you're passionate about because that's what brings you joy. Start with those things and you can build a career around that.  I've asked clients to tell me everything that they're interested in to see if there's a common thread. And if there is no common thread, how do we make that connection?

Just Add Lipstick: Can you share some advice on work/life balance?

Bianca: It all centers around you. You need to define what's negotiable and what's not negotiable. What's not negotiable for me is sleep. If my work starts to impact my ability to sleep that's a big problem. People need to identify what is and isn't negotiable for them. For some people, it is family time. There are a lot of single moms that have young children and they don't want to work late. People to need to pick a culture that works with their lifestyle. So many people are like, "omg, I need a job." No, you need to treat the interview like they're not just choosing you, but you're also choosing them (like you're both dating each other). 

Want to read more? Career Happiness Expert, Bianca Jackson, will be authoring a monthly column on Just Add Lipstick called "Hello Gorgeous. Own Your Career." This column is for the heart-centered, fashion-conscious and ambitious woman who wants contemporary advice to conquer the career game on her on terms.

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