The Best of Green Beauty: Meet Kindred Skincare Co.

Oil cleansers help remove makeup and impurities without clogging pores or stripping the skin’s natural moisture balance. This differs from traditional cleansers because your skin won’t overcompensate with extra oil production, which is what actually causes breakouts. Instead, the end result is healthy, glowing skin that feels moisturized, instead of tight or dry.

I was lucky enough to test out some amazing products from Kindred Skincare Co, an inspiring woman-owed business that creates luxurious and effective oil-based cleansers and moisturizers. The name Kindred symbolizes the extension of family through kindred spirits and our universal interconnectedness. I love how the Kindred cleansing ritual ignites feelings of serenity and mindfulness. All of the products are developed in small, handmade batches with the finest, certified-organic base and essential oils. The skincare line is unisex and is safe for combination, dry, oily and sensitive skin. 

The Cleanse Core

Kindred's Cleanse Core Set includes 2 fl. oz. bottles of the Morning Moisture, Oil Cleanse, and Nightly Nourish formulas. It also includes a washcloth for easy application. This set is an amazing value and is an investment towards healthy skin. Please note that all of the products can also be purchased separately, but you save $25 when you bundle up!  All of the oils are light and lovely. Sometimes people can breakout when they start a new skincare regimen. This process is called "purging," and is perfectly normal.  So far, I have not had any breakouts! 

The Oil Cleanse is my new go-to cleanser. It removes all of my makeup and the impurities and city pollution that I encounter each day. To use, apply to your dry face with dry hands, massage, add warm water, and rinse. Then follow-up with the Morning Moisture or Nightly Nourish. Remember to not rush the process and enjoy the pampering. 

The Morning Moisture is like a bottle of sunshine! It is packed with carrot seed oil and red raspberry oil, which have protective properties, and grape seed, coconut, and arnica oil to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation. This invigorating oil helps keep skin feel fresh-faced and ready to tackle the day! 

The Nightly Nourish is my absolute favorite of the set. It smells heavenly and calms me down right before bed. It includes enriching, soothing elements like shea, evening primrose, coconut, grape seed and arnica oils. Nightly Nourish can also be used during the day if you need extra moisture during the colder, drier months.

Join the Kindred Skincare family and purchase your own cleanse core set today!  Overall, I'm so excited to have discovered a wonderful, organic luxury skincare brand. I have been using the Cleanse Core system daily and my skin has felt so hydrated and nourished. I will be featuring some other Kindred products in future posts so stay tuned!