2017 Beauty & Wellness Resolutions

Happy New Year! 2016 came to an end and 2017 is already promising to be brighter, happier, healthier and more beautiful. I spoke to a few Beauty Girl Bosses on their resolutions, goals, and beauty tips for the New Year and I hope they inspire you to start 2017 by committing to make this your best year yet. 

Frances Thrasher, Founder of Kindred Skincare

"1. Sleep: As a person that has always struggles with staying asleep, my goal is to create a year of healthy sleep!  I am going to leave my phone in another room, limit my evening TV time, and avoid caffeine late in the day.  More effective sleep can help curb inflammation, increase creativity, decrease hunger and many more benefits!

2. Continue to limit sugar in my diet: Last year I began to find and target hidden sugars in my diet and found immediate benefits!  Sugar withdrawal is tough, and I am going to increase my efforts.  I believe this action will also help with goal #1, sleep!

3. Dry brushing, including a once a week face brush: I have long known the benefits of dry brushing the body, but have not made enough of an effort to put this into my daily schedule.  My goal is to brush every night before my shower, the reminder and reward will be the Kindred Body Oil :)  I am also going to help the circulation in my face with a once weekly very very gently face brush.  My body does such a good job of taking care of me, I want to treat right back!"

Nour Kazoun, Celebrity Makeup Artist & Founder of Nour Kazoun Makeup Artistry

"2017 bring it on! I am so excited for this year. There are many personal and work related goals I would like to conquer. Personal, meditation for inner strength and just smiling all the time because there are too many things to be grateful for. Work smart, less is more for my 2017. I also would like to take my makeup background to inspire me to start painting again. Lastly my favorite product discoveries of 2016 that I will definitely continue to use in 2017 are: Clinique's Pore Refining Solutions Charcoal MaskCharlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream Treat and Transform Moisturizer and Kat Von D's Ink Liner in Trooper."

Melissa Peverini, Director of Education at Fillerina USA

"I feel strongly about short term goals in health and beauty since they advance rapidly. My Top 3 for 2017:

1. Include brow growth enhancers into routine as needed. Brows thin out as you age and fuller brows are more youthful.

2. Workout with an equal balance of weights and cardio. We begin loosing muscle mass with aging, making us more vulnerable to injury.

3. Try to get more than 5 hours sleep at least 4 nights a week! Lack of sleep really shows in skin and overall appearance." 

Aleah Dorsey, Founder of LIPP

"In 2017, I want to up my mask game! Face masks are a great boost to your skin care regime and they are an affordable, quick and effective way to address your skins out-of-the-ordinary needs (ex. Clear a breakout from too much chocolate).  Best of all, they are super relaxing to apply.  I love them!"

Indya Hicks, Founder of Love, Grace

"To be able to exude radiant beauty, we must treat our bodies as such. Only use products that you know are truly beneficial, and know the ingredients in your products! Research what's best for your needs and cure by what is essential. That's "Love Grace's" job, to provide that for each and everyone. Curating a better, and more effective. A nostalgic linger."

Master Colorist, Erin Derosa, shares her tips to keep colored hair vibrant in the New Year: 

1. When heat styling, ALWAYS use a product that is specifically designed to protect against hot tools. Nourishing oils won't do the trick - think of oil in a pan when it's heated up and imagine that on your hair - AH! Lock in your oils by layering a heat protectant on top to protect your hair and get added moisture. My favorite product is Oribe's Balm d'Or Heat Styling Shield!

2. To keep color looking fresh and toned, stop in to see your stylist in between highlighting services for a glaze. This will give your color an added boost to get you through a couple more weeks, and take the edge off any brassy tones. 

The Girl Bosses at Complex Beauty

"Our beauty resolutions are: 

1. Drink more water... so important for your health and skin.

2. Do more masks... like every day ;)

3. Cleanse twice a day.. it's so hard to motivate yourself to wash your face when you're tired, but it's so vital to keeping your skin looking great and to stop premature aging

4. Do more yoga. So good for the body, mind, and soul!"

Therese Quiao