Beauty Buzz: Meet Love, Grace

Raleigh native, Indya Hicks is a multi-licensed hairstylist based out of Washington, DC.  She was inspired to create Love, Grace after the sudden failed health of her father. With family history of anxiety and other health issues her goal was to create an essentially balanced lifestyle for her family and those around her. Each medley of the essential antidote is customized and hand mixed to meet the needs of the individual using the product. The products are made using Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils free of parabens and gluten with carrier oils and organic plants. From external issues to internal and even those just needing a regime of peace, this is necessary.

My goal was to create an essentially balanced lifestyle for my family and those around me. Every day we awake seeking balance, something that energizes us, so I created the essential antidote to foster that lifestyle.
— Indya Hicks, Founder of Love, Grace

I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful package from the Love, Grace team to test three of their essential antidotes. How lovely is this gold packaging? I love the concept of bespoke, customized beauty products so I was excited to open this box up! 

I received the "Love to Linger" package which included two fragrance antidotes called Zillah and LuLit and a regimen antidote called Noche. The full descriptions are below. 

Zillah- Sweet, its warm vanilla hue creates a sensual smell purity . followed by a wooded fragrant note. Zillah, the most potent in essential oils. Zillah is beneficial to your essential being. It can be layered with any of the other fragrance antidotes for extra benefits or for a magical linger..

LuLit- The Jewel.Iridescent, Transparent. LuLit, gold in fragrance its linger is indescribable. Its light and angelic notes of grapefruit, muted notes of orchids. Leave you guessing..

To wind down… Noche (Night Peace) was created to help you escape the weight of today. The clary sage, bergamot extract and lavender hues pull you in. It seals the wonders of today and prepares you for the next.

From my experience, Zillah is a beautiful fragrance that is perfect for date night or a night out on the town. LuLit is a lovely fragrance that can be worn daily. Noche is the perfect addition to your nightly beauty rituals, with warm, calming properties to help you relax.  I also love that the Love, Grace ingredients are all natural! I am very careful of what I put on my face and use on my body, so the organic element was definitely a draw for me. Fragrance is also a very intimate experience as scents can change depending on your body chemistry, but Love, Grace has a diverse range of scents with something for everyone. All Love, Grace products are custom blended and made fresh in small, handmade batches in Washington, DC. To purchase your own or discover more click here.