Summer Beauty Guide: Skincare

Happy First Day of Summer, beauties! To celebrate this week, I'm compiling a guide of important summer beauty tips. First, let's start with skincare! We all know that it's important to wear sunscreen in the summer months, but follow the below tips to keep your skin glowing and radiant. 

1.  Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! 

We have a tendency to moisturize more in the winter time, but it is important to stay hydrated and moisturize all year round. Your skin is a barrier that protects you from environmental agitators like pollution, bacteria and moisture loss. Dry skin is damage-prone skin so keeping your skin hydrated allows it to work optimally. Protect your skin from summertime drying agents like sunburns (sad emoji), salt and chlorine by applying a light moisturizer twice a day. 

2. Exfoliate at the right times.

Not only will it help you maintain a fresh faux tan (when your dead skin cells flake off, the old tan will come off with it), but gentle facial exfoliation will help keep your skin free of clogged pores and create a better canvas for makeup application. Keep in mind that exfoliation reveals new, sensitive skin that could be more prone to burning in the sun. Reserve your exfoliating habits for the evening, or for days when you aren’t heading straight from the shower to the pool.

3. Aloe is your new BFF. 

A known anti-inflammatory that also provides moisturizing relief, applying aloe vera-containing products after exposure to the sun will calm and soothe your skin, leaving you far less likely to experience that awful scaly dryness that comes with summer. It’s also said to contain antioxidants that can help repair damaged skin and prevent free radicals from doing their undesirable work. Just make sure the aloe product you are applying does not contain alcohol! Products with alcohol have a drying effect and will help make your skin peel (gross). 

4.  Invest in a moisturizer or oil that works on wet skin.

Don’t skip on the after-bathing rehydration! A moisturizing body wash is enough, companies are now creating moisturizers that you can apply before you even towel off. 

5. Don’t shave or wax your bikini line right before the beach or pool.

The bikini area is more sensitive and prone to irritation, so shaving or waxing off layers of dead skin cells and then exposing it to harsh sunlight, salt and chlorine is a bad idea. It can lead to bumps, ingrown hairs and razor burn. Wait at least 48 hours before you hit the pool or beach after waxing.