You're applying Eye Cream all wrong

The eyelid has the thinnest skin on the human body and since it’s constantly active (we blink over 10,000 times per day), the skin around the eye area is one of the first areas to show age. So like sunscreen and moisturizer, eye cream is non-negotiable. However, if you're applying eye cream in the evening and slathering on too much, you might be doing more damage than good. Read below for some eye cream tips. Bonus: Your pricey jar will last much longer now.

Tip 1: Skip the PM eye routine

Are you constantly waking up to puffy eyes? Your nightly eye-cream routine could be to blame. Between the constant tossing and turning (and rubbing), your creams are more likely to migrate into your eyes while you’re asleep. This can cause irritation, which makes your eyes tear up. 

To prevent this, apply eye cream in the morning.  This is also beneficial because your eyes need the most moisture when you wake up. Look for something (suggestions below) with a cooling applicator and peptides in the formula to help reduce puffiness immediately and firm skin over time. Wait a few minutes for the product to fully absorb before applying makeup on top.

Tip 2. Less is More

Apply no larger than a pea-sized amount for both eyes (so half a pea, per eye). If you use too much eye cream, your lashes will pick up the extra product and transfer into your eyes whenever you blink. This can cause irritation and make them look puffy, which is the opposite of what we want! 

To apply, take your ring finger and gently tap the cream under each eye, apply at the inner corners to the outer corners. Let it absorb for a few minutes and off you go.  

Tip 3: Know When to Toss

Eye Cream products can safely last up to 18 months after they are opened, but it is recommended to use them within the first six months. That's when the ingredients are most potent and effective.