History Lesson: The First Lady + Contraband Cosmetics

As as Washingtonian, I've admired the style and grace of the first ladies throughout history. Jackie O was a vision in her chanel tweed suits and michelle obama always looks stunning in JAson Wu. during the 17th Century, Louisa Adams expressed herself using contraband makeup, as described in a recent article in the CUT. However, makeup wasn't always acceptable in polite society. 

Beauty was supposed to be pleasant, natural, and chaste. Artifice was deceitful; sexuality was corrupted power. For a young woman, it was necessary to be pretty, but it was equally necessary to be unaware of it.
— Louisa Thomas

Here are the recipes that Louisa Catherine Adams documented for cosmeticks. Would you try any of these?

The process of making face powder required a pound of rice, fresh spring water, and a thin sheet of lead; it took more than a month.

Lipstick was easier: “a little Brazil wood and white vinegar boiled a minute or two.”

For rouge, “cambric muslin dipped in pokeberry juice and dried is a harmless preparation

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